"Bhaumik found me the job I am in today!"

− Simone Tartaglia

Simone Tartaglia


Tell us about yourself?

My current position is a Motion control supervisor at The Visual Effects Company. I completed a degree in Digital communication at Milan’s studies university and the VFX professional course at Escape Studios where Bhaumik was my tutor.

What got you interested in VFX?

It’s less “nerdy” than videogames and more “nerdy” than motion graphics, a good balance.

What’s been your favorite project?

The Harry Potter advertising for Sky that you can find on my blog, it was my first job as tracking supervisor, and there was everything in it: camera tracking, virtual camera takeovers, fluid simulation, dynamics, rigging and a bit of animation.

How was Bhaumik as a Tutor?

Patient, radiant and stimulating. I could tell that most of the things Bhaumik was teaching us were coming from his experience in the field. For example he advised me to download a model for my project and then modified it, instead of spending time modelling it from scratch. Those are the bits that the school system is missing. Acquiring that bit of craftiness in order to link the academical world to the working environment.  Bhaumik found me the job I am in today!

What’s the best thing about working in VFX?

Pointing at the screen and screaming “I’ve made that!” to your pals.