"I'm actually doing what I dreamed of since I was 15 years old!"

− Pietro Martino

Pietro Martino


Tell us about yourself?

After attaining a degree in graphic design in Italy, I flew to London to join Escape Studios in order to get a master degree in VFX.
After that I spent most of the time working as a freelancer while keeping in touch with Bhaumik who was my tutor.  He got me a job in London at ZOO VFX. After finishing that project I spent some time in Milan working on a feature film.   

What got you interested in VFX?

Basically the thing that really got me into VFX and the 3D world in general was my passion for video games. I started creating 3D objects to make mods for Grand Theft Auto Vice City when I was about 15 and never stopped enjoying everything that dealt with that kind of creativity.

What’s been your favorite project?

My experience at ZOO VFX for sure, that job was great! I was working on several shots for a Discovery Channel documentary. I also had the chance to meet David Attenborough which was something completely unexpected!
Its was a fun experience working with Bhaumik who was one of my supervisors.

How was Bhaumik as a Tutor?

Bhaumik is a great Tutor, he always knew where the problem lay and always had a solution to solve it. He taught me new and smarter ways of doing things that got the whole working process more enjoyable and light. He’s a really cool person so having him as a Tutor before, and working with him after, it’s been a lot of fun!

What’s the best thing about working in VFX?

There’s alot of things I love about working in VFX, but I guess the best one is that I’m actually doing what I dreamed of doing since I was 15 years old, which is great!!