Online Visual Effects Course

 Our Maya for Visual Effects course teachs you everything you need to know to get a job in the visual effects industry. The course is designed to take you from beginner to intermediate level. Turn your hobby into a career!

This course focuses primarily on creating photorealistic models, texturing them and integrating them into a photographed still or video. The software used to create the computer generated elements is Autodesk Maya and The Foundry’s Nuke is used to composite.

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How does it work?

 Watch training videos

We have created concise detailed training videos spilt into 10-20 min tutorials for easy searching. We believe in a structured project based approach with clear learning objectives. During the course you will complete a number of shots that will teach concepts and build on previous knowledge. Any questions can be emailed or asked in your 1 to 1 video chat.

Maya Video Sample

 Complete Assignment

After watching the tutorials your assignment is to make the shot your own by changing models, lighting and shading to make a different scene utilizing the skills you have learned. Most of these shots can be changed or expanded and added to your showreel showing key skills to get a job.

      Video session with Tutor 

Your assignment is critiqued by your tutor who will look at your Maya file as well as your final image. Anything you wish to know more about or didn’t quite understand can be asked in this 1 to 1 session. Your tutor will make sure you understand the concepts for the week, encourage and guide you to create your own projects.

  What you get after completion of the course


You will come away with an intermediate knowledge of Maya and Nuke for the purpose of creating Visual Effects shots. Some of the positions you could apply for are:

Junior 3d Generalist
Junior Lighting TD
Matchmove Artist
Junior Roto Artist


You will have a minimum of two shots which will be designed and created by you. These shots will show key skills such as tracking, modelling, texturing and compositing. If you decide to you can also change and expand the shots used in the course for your showreel.


Advice will be given to you to you on how to present your CV to employers. We will also introduce you to our contacts in the industry as jobs become available. We will help you as long as you need to get your first job. You could be working on the next Hollywood blockbuster!


Bhaumik recommended me for my first job working on TV VFX.

Pietro Martino

Bhaumik  found me a job which I am still in today!

Simone Tartaglia

Learn industry standard software

You will learn the most current version of the software which is updated every year. This will allow you to hit the ground running when you land your first job.

  Shot Breakdowns


We provide detailed videos showing how a production shot was produced. You get to go into the specific challenges of that shot and see how they were solved. This involves everything from modelling to the final composite. This gives our students an insight into actual production shots showing them invaluable tips and tricks.

Footage library

 Our footage library from around the world allows you to add production value to your showreel shots, helping you to stand out from the crowd when applying for jobs.

Course Details

Get a Job

Marketing advice on how to create a professional showreel and present it to our contacts in the industry.

Shot Breakdowns

Our shot breakdowns give you detailed information about how a production shot was created.   

Showreel shots

When you finish the course you will have a minimum of two finished photo-realistic shots that will help you find a job.


HD footage library from around the world to add production value and get your showreel noticed.

Video based training

High quality concise detailed training videos spilt into 10-20 minute chunks for easy searching.

1 on 1 time with instructor

Weekly sessions using video chat makes it easy for you to ask questions or get further assistance on subjects.  Anytime email support is also provided.

Maya for Visual Effects – Bootcamp

Duration: 12 weeks
Level: Beginner
Start Date: 4th January 2016
Price: £1500

Maya for Visual Effects – Comprehensive

Duration: 24 weeks
Level: Beginner
Start Date: 4th January 2016
Price: £3000