"Its like a hobby that pays!"

− Joe Mitchell

Joe Mitchell


Tell us about yourself?

I studied History and Philosophy of Art and Film as a degree.  After that I wanted to learn how to build 3d models so I attended the VFX professional course at Escape Studios where Bhaumik was my tutor. Since finishing that course I’ve worked in various places in Soho and decided to launch my own company called Dee Three which create physical models using 3d printing.


What got you interested in VFX?

I wanted to make things but didn’t want to get my hands dirty or put in any real physical effort.  When I found out I could do all of that visually in the computer, I was hooked.

What has been your favourite project?

I worked on the movie Ronin, which was cool. I also had a fun time visualising super yachts for M&S, the perks were great!

How was Bhaumik as a Tutor?

Really good! Not many people can calmly put up with my incessant questions, let alone answer them all.  He explains things in a fun and interesting way so you know why what he is showing you is important.

What’s the best thing about working in VFX?

Sometimes when you are on a project with tight deadlines to meet you can be working long hours, slaving away over your wacom. But then you sit back and realize you’re an artist and your job is to create awesome content. Its may be building an environment, sculpting creatures, modeling a product or what ever the client may want. I’m doing what I love as a job and there is nothing better than that.