"I'm doing what I love as a job and there is nothing better than that."

− Charles Downman

Charles Downman


Tell us about yourself?

Before arriving into the VFX industry I studied traditional Painting and Fine Arts at the Arts University at Bournemouth, Then leaving university I decided to move in into the VFX industry and trained at Escape Studios. After training at Escape Studios I began running at The Mill and got experience on a couple of pieces. While running at The Mill I was offered a position as a 3D Generalist at a new Boutique VFX post house opening in Soho called Gramercy Park Studios where I am today.

What got you interested in VFX?

When I was in high school I was at a family friends house for dinner. Their Dad noticed I enjoyed drawing and painting. He took me to his studio where he worked in his house to show me some of his work. Turns out he had been an visual art director for films such  as Star Wars VI, Saving Private Ryan and Minority Report. After that I was determined to make what I was passionate about my career. That was when I decided I could try and make a living out of creating and being an artist.

What has been your favourite project?

I have had the privilege to work on some really great projects in the past few years while in the industry; from working on the concept drawing, to modeling, rigging, lighting, rendering and compositing the shots. From each project i take away with me new insights and knowledge. 
Recently at Gramercy park Studios we made a Commercial for Betfair with horses racing in rally cars. This was a particularly fun project for me because I began working on it doing all the concept art for the commercial then once production began I began working on the 3D assets back at the studio before moving onto working on fur/ hair grooming which was a first for me.

How was Bhaumik as a Tutor?

I was very lucky to have been a student of Bhaumiks at Escape Studios. With a wealth of industry experience he taught us what he knew would be important to know in the industry.  The nature of the VFX industry is it is always changing and developing. Bhaumik taught us in a way that gave me a solid foundation to enter this industry and gain my footing as a developing artist.
Teaching is a skill that is not easy and when you have a class of eager students who all want to know how to create content in 3D and blast off into the VFX industry. As a student you can only hope that you have a teacher who is as great at teaching and patient as Bhaumik..

What’s the best thing about working in VFX?

Sometimes when you are on a project with tight deadlines to meet you can be working long hours, slaving away over your wacom. But then you sit back and realize you’re an artist and your job is to create awesome content. Its may be building an environment, sculpting creatures, modeling a product or what ever the client may want. I’m doing what I love as a job and there is nothing better than that.