"Our experience and training materials will teach you the magic behind Visual Effects in 6 months."

− Bhaumik Patel, Founder Amaya Academy

Bhaumik is a visual effects artist and instructor with 15 years of experience in computer graphics. Four of those years were spent creating and teaching courses at Escape Studios. He spent the early part of his career in the games industry as an animator and rigger. Later he moved into the visual effects industry working on commercials, TV and Film visual effects.

How can these courses help you get into the industry?

The visual effects and 3d industries are so large and there are so many things to learn, its hard to decide what to learn.  We focus our training on fundamental skills which are the foundation of all VFX work.  The other common thing students do is start projects and not follow through and finish them. We act as a coach to make sure they follow through and finish their work, its not easy to learn something new so it helps having a friend in your corner.

What got you interested in Visual Effects?

My fascination with visual effects started in 1991 when I watched Terminator 2 in the cinema and was blown away by the movie. Wondering how they could have possibly created the T1000, I bought my first copy of Cinefex and was amazed that it was created on a computer by an artist.

How did you learn the necessary skills for creating Visual Effects?

I am self taught using books, the help files and trial and error.  It was a very difficult and frustrating process.  Thankfully I was encouraged by friends and family.  Most of my early work involved Star Wars in some way as Star Wars: Episode I had just been released and I was blown away by the VFX.

How did you get your first job?

In two years I managed to get a showreel together and landed a job in computer games animating dinosaurs. I didn’t think my work was good enough but the main reason I was hired was because I had experience using Maya which was rare at the time.

What’s the best thing about working in VFX?

The people you work with is the best thing for me.  I been fortunate enough to work with some lovely people and its great to be surrounded with people from different backgrounds such as photography, fine art, computer science, editing and even plumbing!  They all share a passion for creating cool work and they love learning new skills, which makes work exciting!

A close second is seeing your name in the credits.  Its a great feeling working on something that other people can watch and enjoy!